Investment promotion through tax incentives has been a key component in recent governments' strategy to foster the accumulation of productive capacities in Uruguay. The legal framework has been established in Law 16,906 on Investment Promotion establishes the legal framework for this.

On October 7, 1920, the Commission for the Application of Law 16,906 (COMAP) presented the new basic general operating criteria that make Decree 268/2020 operational. In order to evaluate the actual application of tax benefits, in particular the IRAE exemption, AIC proposes a comparative exercise of how the change in the mechanism affects the profitability of an investment project (Decree 143/2018 - Decree 268/2020).

Municipal solid waste management is an important issue that needs to be addressed in many countries. In this sense, it is very important to identify its direct and indirect impacts. Currently, it has become a priority in the public and private agenda. Therefore, a correct estimation of the volume of waste plays a decisive role in efficient management.

We have designed a methodology to quantify the generation of waste by companies by geographical area, using geo-statistical tools and indicators.

We recommend the publication made by the IDB about Public-Private Partnership models in infrastructure projects. - Phone: (+598) 2714 9363

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